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 This websites supports a cancer information video written by Asian patients with cancer
"Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy"

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lifestyle cancer books diet exercise avoid relapse improve cureFurther information The book Lifestyle After Cancer summarises the lifestyle evidence from around the world and provides practical advice for all stages in the cancer journey. A detailed film available in English, Italian, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati & Hindi explains Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy. is a comprehensive cancer information resource written by an experienced team of doctors, health professionals and patients. It contains links and information on:  Specific cancers Breast | Prostate | Bowel.  Cancer treatmentsChemotherapy | Radiotherapy | Hormones | Biological agents | Complementary therapies .  Lifestyle and cancerExercise | Diet | Smoking | Sunbathing | Alcohol. Tips to help with symptoms and side effects. Financial issues: Traveling | Travel insurance| Links to support groups | Books | Tests for cancer | Clinical trials | What is cancer | How to avoid cancer | Glossary | About us | Disclaimer.