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anton.jpg (3892 bytes)sue.jpg (4674 bytes)Patients who have completed a course of treatment have teamed up with the Cancer doctors, specialists nurses and TV personalities to produce this 21 minute programme. Sue Lawley introduces the film and Anton Rodgers explains the details of chemotherapy and radiotherapy while watching individuals actually going through the various stages of treatment. The sections on radiotherapy or chemotherapy have been separated into two clips which can be viewed below by clicking on the links. Patients describe their own experiences, side effects and methods to alleviate them. This is the only cancer information film which has been scientifically evaluated in a Randomised Controlled Trial and has been award a number of prizes.

Watch the films (Click on the images to start the films):

CHEMOTHERAPY:                                                       RADIOTHERAPY:


Prizes and awards:

  • Winner of the BUPA 1998 research sponsorship award.

  • An educational merit in the 1999 BMA video award. 

  • Runner up in the Hospital Doctor Magazine innovation prize 1999 

  • Runner up in the BUPA communication award 1999. 

  • Winner of the year 2000 NHS communication prize. 

  • Winner of a 88k lottery award  (NOF) for translation into ethnic languages.

  • Winner of the year 2000 Hospital Doctor innovation prize.

  • Winner of the year 2000 overall Hospital Doctor award.

  • Winner Pfizer 2006 UK oncology awards.

Recommended use:

  • The film was designed to be given to patients to take home after a diagnosis of cancer.

  • Patients often watch it 2-3 times before returning it to the unit

  • Should be given before the start of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

  • For use within an Oncology department a stock of 50 films is usually maintained in order that one is given to all patients 

Published evidence about the benefits of the film.

  • Video directed information - Patient satisfaction following a diagnosis of cancer. Deary A, Jessop L, Akass C, Thomas R. An of Onc (ESM0)  9, (4), pp 143.

  • Anxiety & Depression - Effect on patients preferences for information following a diagnosis of cancer. Thomas R,  Stockton D. Ann of Onc (ESM0) (9), 4, pp 141.

  • Why Oncologist should provide a web site for their patients. L Dalton & R Thomas. EJC (35) Sup.4. p.46 (ab.164).

  • Preparatory information on video significantly reduces treatment associated anxiety & depression - A multicentre RCT. R Thomas, M Daly. EJC. (35), 4, 275.

  • Forewarned is forearmed benefits of preparatory film for patients receiving chemo and radio - a RCT. Thomas R, Daly M, Stockton D EJC 36 (2000) 1536-43.

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