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Detailed advice on travelling after a diagnosis of cancer can be found on the section  traveling and cancer

There is no reason to assume you will not be able to find travel insurance. Some travel insurance companies will look more favourably on people with cancer than others. It is unwise to travel without adequate insurance but the level of insurance required depends on your risk. Many individuals, with a low risk of a cancer related event choose to take out a cover which excludes these vents but covers everything else. Others choose to pay a higher premium and to have the reassurance of complete cover.

It is worth getting a few quotes before deciding. The adjacent table should list companies which also offer travel insurance for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Points to remember:

Remember to get an up to date  EHIC card  - this allows you to receive basic medical treatment in countries which have signed a reciprocal agreement with the UK. Read this document carefully and understand which Hospitals will accept EHIC patients. 

Getting insurance life insurance, travel insurance, or a mortgage can be difficult during or after treatment for cancer. For existing policies - It is therefore very important not to let your existing policies lapse. For example, if you move house it is best to keep the same life policy.

Read the small print, particularly on how much has been insured - check the amount covered and the excess.

If you have an annual travel insurance and you have taken out a policy before you have developed cancer you must call them to inform them of your new situation - they will tell you whether you are covered for cancer related events or not (probably not!)

For more information we suggest you contact the BIIBA who will give you a list of brokers in your area for holidays, life insurance & mortgages or try one of the insurers in the table. listed below.

British Insurance & Investment Broker Association (BIIBA)
14 Belvis Marks
London EC3A 7NT
0207 623 9043

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