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Weight gain during and after adjuvant chemotherapy, is becoming an ever-increasing significant concern. Women with breast cancer, for example, report a 45% incidence of significant weight gain often at a time in their lives when loosing it becomes difficult.


There are several reasons why patients, more often women, gain weight:

The trick is not to put on weight in the first place, but of course this is easier said than done, if we were all perfect we would not be human. Nevertheless despite the daunting task ahead, whatever the reasons and whenever you’re hoping to slim down it is never too late. The lifestyle section provides further advice on diet after cancer but the following table highlights some salient tips.

Tips for eating fewer calories:

Burning up the calories with regular daily exercise not only helps to loose weight but published interventional studies have demonstrated significant improvement in body fat and lean mass indices. Likewise, exercise improves bone mineral density, muscle strength and walking distance, all potential risk factors post chemotherapy. Tips on how to exercise after cancer are described in detail in a separate advice sheet within the lifestyle section.

Further general information Your doctors and specialist nurses are in an ideal position to give you relevant information on your disease and treatment as they know your individual circumstances. Cancerbackup has a help line (0808 800 1234) and a prize winning video available in English, Italian, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati & Hindi explaining Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy. Cancernet.co.uk has over 500 pages describing cancer, its management, practical tips and tool which patients, their carers and their doctors have found helpful during the cancer journey.

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