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Cancernet-UK is a resource for individuals and their families living with and after cancer. It describes the treatments, their side effects and  tips on how to cope with them. Professionals and patients have teamed up to provide evidence based advice  emphasising the benefits of self help and lifestyle to improve well-being, reduce the risk of relapse and improve long term fulfilling survival.

A comprehensive range of specific advice sheets for chemotherapy regimens - risks of side effects & how to cope with them.

Treatment of breast & prostate cancer. Including  side effects of tamoxifen, arimidex, femara, zoladex, cyperoterone etc

Techniques, risks & side effects for specific sites of the body - tips to alleviate side effects.
Drugs to help cancer symptoms & side effects treatment eg drugs to harden bone, for pain, sickness & indigestion.

herceptin, erbitux, avastin, mabthera

Description & list of complementary & alternative therapies with links to established organisations.
Up to date description of a wide range of cancers & their treatment options.</a></td>
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What is Cancer?   What to look for.  Why does it start?   How to avoid it?  Screening for early detection.

Advice on the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment eg sickness, fatigue, hairloss, menopause, hot flushes, pain, infertility etc
Why exercise is good before during & after treatment. Specific regimens for breast, abdominal & pelvic surgery.

Diet for hot flushes, weight loss, sickness, diarrhoea, constipation, dry mouth, indigestion & procarbazine. Healthy eating & food supplements

Risks of smoking, Tips to give up.  Helpful products. Plus other lifestyle issues
An up to the minute list of UK & international clinical research trials for all cancer types.

lifestyle and cancer help yourself after cancer treatments

A prize winning 20 min film designed for patients to take home before chemotherapy or radiotherapy

 Practical issues
  Fertility & cancer
 Traveling & cancer
 Genetic testing
 Vitamin B & cancer

information advice cancer treatments hand held file

Lifestyle & cancer
News and topics
Quit smoking

Bone health 
Sleep better tips

Risk of deodorants

Benefits of essential micro nutrient testing: This simple blood test measures 50 cancer related, essential vitamins, minerals, omega fats and antioxidant enzymes then issues a full report which empowers you to optimize your diet to ensuring you have the best nutritional status to fight disease. .read more / order 
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Lifestyle tools and guidelines

Calculate your PSA doubling time This iphone app allows you to calculate your PSA doubling time between two time points. The app allows you to plot a graph which allows you to easily see whether you are responding to a lifestyle or treatment programme. This graph can be printed or sent by email to a physician... download from the app store Micro-nutrient testing Empower yourself to make dietary choices specific to your personal make up. This profile, analyses your blood and recommends specific dietary and supplement advice to ensure you have the best possible nutritional status to fight cancer and aid recovery from treatments - read more
How to avoid carcinogens  Eating more anti-oxidant rich foods is only half the story.  You can down a free chapter from "Lifestyle after Cancer  which describes  how to avoid cancer forming chemicals  - free chapter Gain a national qualification in Cancer Rehabilitation. This 5 day level 4 course  provides  valuable skills for any professional who is involved in cancer rehabilitation involving exercise. Successful exercise professionals are qualified to take private clients and referrals from the national exercise referral scheme - read more  
Protect your nails during chemotherapy. Nails can become painful and disfigured during chemotherapy (see pictures). These evidence based guidelines give tips to keep them healthy, including cooling and moisturising the nail beds with a specifically designed natural anti-inflammatory local antidote balm more / order  Protect your lips during chemotherapy  These guidelines give tips to prevent cracking including  soothe and moisturising the lips with a specifically designed remedy containing only natural waxes and essential oils selected for their anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties more / order
Vitamin D guidelines  - read the evidence why this essential vitamin is important in the defense against cancer, how a deficiency is detrimental to out health, how you can increase vitamin D naturally through a health lifestyle and how you can measure your levels reliably and simply via our online service Bone health guidelines. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and hormones can reduce bone density leading to osteoporisis and increased risk of fracture. These guidelines summarise the latest evidence for the benefits of certain lifestyle strategies to maintain bone health - read more
Support groups and self help organisations throughout the UK and internationally. Links to Asian support organisations; Read patient stories and links to the Cancer active website addressing a wide range of complementary issues related to cancer.. Submit your details Poetry and cancer. The emotions surrounding a cancer can inspire creative writing and poetry. Several hundreds of poems have been posted. . Read poems us your own poem Practical evidence based advice on healthy living including ways to naturally reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure maintain a healthy weight and level of fitness. Includes advice on supplements and other useful Prepare for cancer treatments. Patients and professionals, teamed up with Sue Lawley to produce this 21 minute film which explains chemotherapy & radiotherapy while you watch patients, describing their experiences, side effects and methods to alleviate them. Awarded the NHS communication prize ...  read more / order 
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