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20 tips to fight cancer

- Protect your lips on chemo

Protect nails during chemo

The Pomi-T trial

-  About Pomi-t

Evidence review - Exercise

Evidence review - Polyphenols

Importance of a healthy gut

Probiotic pills & health

Qualify in exercise rehab

-  Avoid carcinogens

Foreword by Paula Radcliffe 
Sample chapter: Carcinogens
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Cancernet-UK is a resource for individuals and their families living with and after cancer.  Professionals and patients have teamed up to provide evidence  based, self help and lifestyle advice to improve well-being, reduce the risk of relapse and improve the chance of a long term fulfilling survival.

A comprehensive range of specific advice sheets for chemotherapy regimens - risks of side effects & how to cope with them.

Treatment of breast & prostate cancer. Including  side effects of tamoxifen, arimidex, femara, zoladex, cyperoterone etc

Techniques, risks & side effects for specific sites of the body - tips to alleviate side effects.
Drugs to help cancer symptoms & side effects treatment eg drugs to harden bone, for pain, sickness & indigestion.

herceptin, erbitux, avastin, mabthera

Description & list of complementary & alternative therapies with links to established organisations.
Up to date description of a wide range of cancers & their treatment options.</a></td>
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What is Cancer?   What to look for.  Why does it start?   How to avoid it?  Screening for early detection.

Advice on the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment eg sickness, fatigue, hairloss, menopause, hot flushes, pain, infertility etc
Why exercise is good before during & after treatment. Specific regimens for breast, abdominal & pelvic surgery.

Diet for hot flushes, weight loss, sickness, diarrhoea, constipation, dry mouth, indigestion & procarbazine. Healthy eating & food supplements

Risks of smoking, Tips to give up.  Helpful products. Plus other lifestyle issues
An up to the minute list of UK & international clinical research trials for all cancer types.

lifestyle and cancer help yourself after cancer treatments

A prize winning 20 min film designed for patients to take home before chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Practical issues
Fertility & cancer
Traveling & cancer

Calculate bst ca risk
Genetic testing
Vitamin B & cancer
Polyphenols & phytochemicals

information advice cancer treatments hand held file

Lifestyle & cancer
Poems about cancer
Quit smoking

Bone health 
Sleep better tips

Joint pains

Exercise and chemo

Benefits of essential micro nutrient testing:
This simple blood test measures 50 cancer related, essential vitamins, minerals, omega fats and antioxidant enzymes then issues a full report to optimize your diet to ensure you have the best nutritional status to fight cancer and aid recovery . .read more / order 



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Making a living will

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Traveling advice

Measure patient satisfaction

Lifestyle after cancer:

Quit smoking
Weight Gain
Sun exposure
Sleep hygiene
Bone Health
The Pomi-T trial

Healthy bacteria

Cancer treatments:

Hormone therapies
Targeted therapies
High frequency ultrasound
Complementary therapies
Lifestyle strategies

Common tests

Having a picc line

Support drugs

Preventing a sore mouth

Preventing nail damage


Hot flushes
Joint pains

Hair loss
Nail damage
Sore Lips
Hot flushes

Weight gain

Breast tenderness

This book with a foreword from Paula Radcliffe, contains research based guidance showing how diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes can; help avoid cancer, cope with treatments side effects; slow progression and prevent relapse ..more Micro-nutrient testing empowers you to make dietary choices specific to your personal make up. This test analyses over 50 of the essential blood micro-nutrients and recommends specific dietary and supplement advice to ensure you have the best possible nutritional status to help fight cancer and aid recovery from treatments ..more


Vitamins & Cancer:

Vitamin A

Vitamin B

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K & K2


Minerals & cancer:









Specific foods & cancer:

Green Tea




Organic food?

Process sugar


Fats & cancer:

Unhealthy fats

Healthy fats

Omega 3

Omega 6

Omega 9 

Healthy fats in meals


Other issues & cancer:

Gut health

Chronic inflammation

High blood sugar

High cholestreol

Healthy recipes

Cycling and prostate ca