Cancernet UK - a resource for individuals living with or after cancer, providing, unbiased, evidence based guidance from doctors, nutritionist, health professionals and exercise scientists, on self-help, lifestyle strategies to improve well being, reduce side effects, lower the risk of relapse and improve long term survival.

Top 20 lifestyle tips

Eat a healthy diet

Increase vitamin D

Increase polyphenols

Improve gut health

Exercise more

Avoid carcinogens

Quit smoking

Control weight

Less  sugar


Practical issues



Hormone therapies

Targeted therapies


Fertility & cancer

Travel & cancer

Genetic testing

Poems about Cancer


 Reduce early risks

Weight gain

Hot flushes

Joint pains

Hair loss

Nail damage

Bone density loss

Sleep disruption


Avoid covid
Peripheral Neuropathy


Reduce late risks



Breast tenderness

Hot flushes

Lower blood sugar

Control cholesterol

Control BP


Heart disease


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Mental Health


Lifestyle and cancer Protect nails Keep a healthy gut How to Live

Sugar free breakfast


 Pre-biotic rich lunch


 Gluten free pudding


 Scrambled tofu 


Polyphenol rich foods


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