Prostate cancer risk factors

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Most patients have no obvious predisposing elements but a minority have been caused by a lifestyle issues or inherited. The majority of patients are diagnosed with the condition over the age of 60. The following prostate cancer risk factors (individual or combined) may raise the danger of getting the disease:

Prostate cancer risk factors connected with lifestyle issues:

Prostate cancer risk factors which are inherited:

As many elements of the danger cannot be controlled (age, race, family history) it is not possible to prevent most cases of this condition. However, changing the way you eat might help to reduce the danger of developing the disease. It is recommended to include a variety of  healthy foods and reducing your intake of red meat in your diet as well as to eat at least five units of fruits and vegetables every day. Following  guidelines on a healthy diet may lower the danger of getting various forms of malignancy in general.

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