Chemotherapy for prostate cancer

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Therapies that lower the level of the male sex hormone testosterone are the mainstay of prostate cancer treatment that has spread from its original site. Once the patient begins hormone therapy the disease can be effectively controlled for a period of time. However, many patients stop responding to these hormonal therapies after some time. In such cases new ways of treating this condition must be found and applied. One of these ways -  less commonly used treatments to prostate cancer is chemotherapy. It is sometimes used to treat cancer that has spread and has stopped responding to hormone therapy. A number of chemotherapy regimens may be used including the following:

Docetaxel (taxotere). It is now licensed across Europe as a treatment for prostate cancer that has not or is no longer responding to more common hormone therapy. As every treatment has its potential side effects it is not always suitable for every patient. The possible side effects have to be balanced with the potential benefit you are likely to get from the treatment. You should always talk this thoroughly  through with your cancer specialist.

Cancer specialists continue to study different combination of chemotherapy regimens, different doses, different sequences in which they are administered to find more effective ways of treating prostate cancer with chemotherapy.

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