Changing central line or PICC dressing

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Advice for patients changing central line/Hickman dressing:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water including your arms up to the elbow.      
  2. Apply alcohol hand-rub and allow to dry on hands.
  3. Remove old dressing
  4. Inspect site for: redness; puls; if applicable, check stitches attached to line and skin; leakage of fluid/blood around line site.
  5. Spray area with chlorhexidine spray provided.
  6. Apply new dressing ensuring your fingers do not touch the area of the dressing which will cover the line entry site.
  7. If your skin reacts to the adhesive dressing tell nursing staff and an alternative will be suggested.
  8. Dressings should be changed every other day or if the dressing becomes wet/damp.
  9. If you notice any swelling or discomfort in the neck, shoulder or arm on the side of the line or feel pain from the Hickman line site, you should contact the hospital on one of the numbers given to you.

We would rather you contact us, even if your concern seems trivial.

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