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This online information service has only be made possible by the hard work of our patients and health professional who have given their time freely. To pay for technical support and server fees the income from the the sale of online products, listed below, partially help. 

We are always in need of further money to update and create new pages in response to new scientific and lifestyle developments and in response to the feedback from users. Any money donated will be used exclusively to update and improve this site. 

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The Cancer risk nutritional profile  An excess or a deficiency of vitamins and trace mineral can lead to an increased risk of cancer and other illness. A reliable way to ensure you have the correct amounts is to measure them. This test will empower you with the knowledge to make dietary choices to optimise your nutritional balance and body's defenses. 

Darbys Medical Negligence Solicitors are experienced in dealing with cancer negligence claims in a sensitive personal manner. Call 0800 524 4349 to discuss your claim.
Nature medical skin products There is evidence that natural oil based creams are better than petroleum based creams. Nature-medical lip balm has been specifically design to soothe and moisturise the lips during and after chemotherapy or after sun exposure. It only contains only natural waxes and essential oils selected for their anti-inflammatory and DNA stabilizing properties.
Cáncer Estilo de Vida. Una de las preguntas mas comunes y más importantes pidió por los pacientes después de una diagnosis del cáncer, es; “Qué puede nosotros hacer para ayudarse?” La respuesta, que este libro trata, está “mucho”.  
Simple tips for a happy family - A diagnosis of cancer can cause a strain on family harmony. With emotions running high its not a good time to be upset further by destructive arguments. This practical little book has identified the situations where arguments are most likely to happen and provides simple tips to navigate around them. 
Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy. Patients and professionals, teamed up with Sue Lawley & Anton Rodgers  to produce this 21 minute film which explains chemotherapy & radiotherapy while you watch real patients, describing their experiences, side effects and methods to alleviate them. This film was evaluated in a RCT study and shown to reduce anxiety and improve well-being during treatments.