Rectal damage


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Surgery but particularly radiotherapy to the rectum (for example for prostate cancer) can cause some chronic inflammation (proctitis). The most common symptoms include:

  • A feeling of urgency or lack of optimal control of the bowels.
  • Mucous discharge from the back passage
  • Intermittent rectal bleeding.

This at the least can be inconvenient or at its worse can lead to embarrassment and anxiety in relation to leaving the house.

What may help?

  • If bleeding persists you should be referred for a rectal scope (colonoscopy) to confirm the diagnosis and exclude something more sinister
  • Avoid constipation regular prunes or something similar to make the stop soft
  • Stop smoking
  • Regular general light exercise
  • Pelvic floor exercises significantly improve the power and control of the rectal muscles and significantly improve control and confidence.

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