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Broccoli is part of the cruciferous group of vegeteables along with asparagus, kale and sprouts. It is packed with vitamins, minerals fibre and healthy polyphenols which have numerous health benefits including the ability to protect you from cancer.



Why are antioxidants and plant polyphenols important?

Polyphenols are natural plant based chemicals found in healthy foods which enhance our health and protect us from illnesses. Their antioxidant properties protect us from environmental and ingested chemicals which damage our DNA via a process called oxidation. Many studies have linked anti-oxidant rich foods with a lower risk of cancer and other chronic illnesses such as high cholesterol, dementia, arthritis, skin aging and macular degeneration (blindness). There are also some studies which report that anti-oxidants in broccoli could have an anti-cancer effect. 

Anti-cancer properties of broccoli

Broccoli contains anti-oxidant phytochemicals such as isothiocyanate (ITCs) and its metabolite sulforaphane which have been found to inhibit growth and promote apoptosis of prostate cancer cells (Sarkar 2004). Biologists at Britain’s Institute of Food Research showed that the healthy chemicals found in broccoli can prevent pre-cancerous cells in the prostate progressing to more aggressive cancers. They found that a portion of broccoli each week sparks hundreds of genetic changes, activating genes that fight cancer and switching off others that fuel them [Moysich 2007].

A further 4 of 8 eight observational studies suggested that broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, may decrease risk of cancer and reduce the risk of cancer progressing to more aggressive genotypes through induction of anti-oxidant enzymes, particularly glutathione S-transferases which explains why broccoli is particularly beneficial in the 50% of the population carrying a mutated glutathione gene [Joseph 2004]. Another study from Queensland Australia analysed over a thousand individuals who had been treated for skin cancer over 8 years. They reported a lower rate of subsequent skin cancers in those who had a high level of lutein and xeaxanthin found commonly in broccoli and leafy green vegetables [Heinen 2007].

Safety issues

Very high intakes of cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage and turnips, have been found to slightly reduce thyroid activity in animals (Fenwick et al 1983). There has been one case of an elderly woman developing hypothyroidism following consumption of over 1.0 kg/day of raw pak choy for several months (Chu M et al 2010). Many antioxidants including those in curcumin, green tea pomegranate and broccoli extract can inhibit apoptosis induced by some chemotherapy drugs. There are cell line data to suggest that anti-oxidants can possibly reduce the action of chemotherapy although this has not been substantiated in humans [Somasundaram 2002]. In view of this potential interaction taking regular Pomi-T during chemotherapy is best avoided.

Broccoli extract combination

Eating broccoli can be pleasant and nutritious but taking a supplement ensures a higher daily dose and  not everyone likes the taste. There are many broccoli extracts are available on the open market but it would be advisable to take a tablet which has been combined with other anti-oxidant rich foods.   Pomi-T® contains a broad range of healthy plant based polyphenols and antioxidants within four natural super food  green tea | broccoli | pomegranate | turmeric. The whole food ingredients have been dried, concentrated then squeezed into a tablet for a convenient way to boost daily intake. The rationale for combining four different foods types (berry, vegetable, spice and leaf) was to provide a wide spectrum of naturally healthy polyphenol nutrients, whilst at the same time avoiding over-consumption of one particular type. Ingredients were also selected to avoid foods with high phytoestrogenic or hormonal properties.  Each supplement tablets contains:  

Active ingredients:                                                                  No additives bulking or caking agents:
Broccoli Powder 150mg                                                        
Turmeric Powder 150mg                                                        
Pomegranate seed powder 150mg 
Green Tea 5:1 extract 30mg equivalent to 150mg

Pomi-T® has been investigated in a UK Government approved national scientific study which has the highest possible scientific design, the gold standard of all trials - A double blind, randomised (RCT) placebo controlled trial. The study is sponsored by the charity Prostate Action, has been adopted by the National Cancer Research Network (NCRN), has UK Ethics Committee certification and is independently audited to ensure adherence to European Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (GCP). The chief investigator Professor Robert Thomas is Chair of McMillan Survivorship Expert Advisory Committee and is a consultant Oncologist at Bedford, Cranfield and Cambridge University Hospitals. The trial is currently the world’s largest RCT of a food supplement to date and the full results will be available in early 2014.   

Contact information: Pomi-T is manufactured in the UK, from natural ingredients, to the highest quality assurance standards and EU compliance regulations. Pomi-T is owned by natureMedical Products.  Website: | Email:  

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