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Iraq Cancer Conference

November 2012

     Why was the visit important?


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Consultant Oncologist Professor Robert Thomas will be the first non Iraqi cancer doctor to travel to war torn Iraq to give a scientific presentation in their first Cancer Conference after the conflict....More in the news

The conference is aiming to show the World that it is business as usual and re-enforce the message that the war is over.

The conference, co-ordinated by the Iraqi consultant, Yassa Haba now working in Portmouth who is also the  deputy chair of the Iraqi society of clinical oncology,  will be recognized by ASCO and endorsed by Iraqi Prime Minister and Minister. It also aims update local oncologists on the latest developments in the management of men and women with cancer  as most of the Iraqi doctors have not had the opportunity to travel to international conferences such as ASCO. 

Professor Thomas, as well as an update on the management of breast, bowel and prostate cancer will be reporting some of the Macmillan Cancer Support sponsored studies and evidence reviews that show how lifestyle strategies after cancer can improve the wellbeing and outcome of patients. It will be an opportunity to describe some to the innovative work on exercise and lifestyle Macmillan have been flag shipping since the Olypmics.


“The Para-Olympics were a powerful reminder of the brave men and women who have been killed and injured in a war which was trying and stabalise the Middle East and make the World a safer place. Because of this, after I was given this opportunity, I felt compelled to accept, despite the obvious risks. Even though I am only one person and just a civilian, this conference is a symbol of peace and however small the impact on the eventual end of their internal conflict, it is my duty to help.  I am proud to represent the UK and Macmillan in this venture”



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Professor Robert Thomas MRCP MD FRCR is a Mamillan Consultant Oncologist, a Professor at Cranfield University and a clinical teacher at Cambridge University. He specialises in breast, colon and prostate cancer giving chemotherapy and biological therapies at Bedford Hospital and radiotherapy and brachytherapy at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. He is Chair of the Exercise Expert Advisory committee for Macmillan Cancer Support, editor of the lifestyle and cancer website Cancernet.co.uk and designed the UK’s first government approved course for a qualification in cancer exercise rehabilitation which is now been delivered nationally (see wrightfoundation.com).

He directs an active research unit, linked to Cranfield University and Business School, which has designed several UK studies, published over 75 scientific papers and presented widely. This included the UK’s largest prospective study evaluating lifestyle and prostate cancer progression and the world’s first double blind RCT evaluating an antioxidant rich food supplement (www.cancernet.co.uk/Pomi-t.htm).

He lectures on the Lance Armstrong / London Oncology Clinic Survivorship programme and is patron of the National Conference of Cancer Self Help Groups and currently sits on the National Cancer Research Institute survivorship board. In 2001 he was voted Hospital Doctor Magazine “Doctor of the Year” and in 2007 The British Oncology Association “Oncologist of the Year”.

He has given media appearances on Panorama and News Night with Jeremy Paxman. He a media spokesperson for Macmillan and medical advisor for the TV documentary The Food Doctor. He is author of the best selling self help book “Lifestyle and Cancer – the facts” (see: cancernet.co.uk/books.htm). He is editor of the Lifestyle and Cancer news update series and one can sign up to receive monthly updates via cancernet.co.uk.  For those, embracing the world of social media the cancernet team also have a twitter account providing daily lifestyle and cancer snippets.




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