How to fortify food


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If you are not eating as well as you would normally, the following tips may help you to get more calories without necessarily having to eat more food.

You can fortify your food i.e. add extra calories in the following ways:

  • Add 2oz ( 4 tablespoons) of milk powder such as Marvel or 5 Pints to 1 pint of milk
  • To savoury foods add cheese, fortified milk, gravy, milk powder, butter / margarine (rather than low fat spreads), pulses, meat, creme fraiche. For example:
  • add beans and pulses to soups and casseroles
  • cheese on mashed potato with extra milk and butter/margarine
  • butter or cheese sauce on vegetables
  • add one tablespoon of milk powder into one portion of white sauce
  • add grated cheese/cream/milk into soup
  • add cream/sour cream or creme fraiche to casseroles
  • add mayonnaise or salad cream to sandwiches or have two fillings, e.g. egg mayo and bacon

To sweet foods add fortified milk, sugar, cream, honey and syrup, ice cream and evaporated milk. For example:

  • add cream/ custard/ ice cream/ evaporated milk with pies, sponge or fruit
  • make jelly with milk not water
  • add 1 tablespoon of milk powder into 1 portion of porridge, milk puddings, custard
  • add extra sugar, honey or syrups into desserts and cereals

Ideas for nourishing drinks:

  • use your fortified milk to make up;
  • Hot drinks e.g. hot chocolate, horlicks, ovaltine, coffee, instant soups
  • Cold drinks e.g. milkshakes with added ice cream and flavourings
  • insert milkshake recipe
  • fruit juice and fizzy drinks (avoid low calorie ones)
  • alcohol (check with your doctor first)

Drink supplements - Special powdered drinks such as Complan and Build Ups are available from most chemists and supermarkets. These are available in a variety of sweet and savoury flavours. Special energy and protein supplements are available from your Doctor. If you think these would be helpful, please ask the Dietitian for advice.

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