How to fortify food

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If you are not eating as well as you would normally, the following tips may help you to get more calories without necessarily having to eat more food.


You can fortify your food i.e. add extra calories in the following ways:


To sweet foods add fortified milk, sugar, cream, honey and syrup, ice cream and evaporated milk. For example:

Ideas for nourishing drinks:

Drink supplements - Special powdered drinks such as Complan and Build Ups are available from most chemists and supermarkets. These are available in a variety of sweet and savoury flavours. Special energy and protein supplements are available from your Doctor. If you think these would be helpful, please ask the Dietitian for advice.


Further general information Your doctors and specialist nurses are in an ideal position to give you relevant information on your disease and treatment as they know your individual circumstances. Cancerbackup has a help line (0808 800 1234) and a prize winning video available in English, Italian, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati & Hindi explaining Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy. has over 500 pages describing cancer, its management, practical tips and tool which patients, their carers and their doctors have found helpful during the cancer journey.

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